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End-To-End RPO Services

TrueRPO offers a full range of recruitment process outsourcing services, including recruitment and candidate sourcing, job posting, resume screening and more.

Bundled Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

TrueRPO offers bundled RPO services at a fixed price so you can scale easily without breaking the bank. Unlike headhunters or staffing agencies, we don’t charge per role filled. Our fixed price model allows you to quickly scale to meet staffing needs while managing your costs, so you can focus on your core business while significantly improving your competitive advantage.

Candidate Sourcing

TrueRPO allows you to completely outsource recruiting with best-in-class candidate sourcing services. We work with you to identify your staffing needs and handle the full candidate sourcing process. TrueRPO’s team has specialists dedicated to each step of the recruiting process, including finding you strong candidates. Furthermore, our fixed cost model includes cutting edge recruitment tools and software at no extra cost to you, meaning you benefit from a unique combination of technology and expertise to fill your talent pipeline.

Job Posting and Resume Screening

We handle all job posting and resume screening as part of our end-to-end RPO services, so you are given only the best candidates that fit the needs of your organization. In addition to our dedicated candidate sourcing team, you benefit from a team of specialists that understand how to leverage job posting boards and optimize your employer profiles to give your company maximum exposure and ensure the right candidates are seeing your job listings. Your dedicated team also handles the screening of applications based on a set criteria so your organization gets a consistent stream of strong candidates.

Social Media Marketing

With candidates increasingly leveraging social media platforms to network, leverage referrals, research potential employers and find jobs, it’s pivotal that your company have a strong presence to help attract the best talent. TrueRPO includes social media marketing as part of our full service recruitment process outsourcing services so you can leverage the power of social media to build your employer brand, engage potential candidates, and help nurture job seekers to make the step in their careers with your company. From the big social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to career marketplaces like Glassdoor and Indeed, TrueRPO can help you company build, execute, and optimize social media marketing strategies that give you an edge over your competitors.

Employer Branding

In a job seekers’ market, your employer brand can make or break your recruitment efforts. Our outsourced recruiting services place a special focus on employer branding to help elevate your company and demonstrate why people should choose your organization for their next career move. Our employer branding services include creating, maintaining, and optimizing employer profiles and reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed; engaging your current employees to help build a strong brand and give insights into your company culture; and building a strong, consistent social media presence. We also handle paid advertising options and sponsored listings on career websites to help you attract strong candidates more quickly and reduce time-to-fill.

Recruit Better Now

Work with the premier RPO firm in the Toronto area to meet all of your recruiting needs. With TrueRPO, you benefit from the experience and expertise of a global team of recruitment specialists that have dedicated years helping companies like yours build their talent pipeline, gain a competitive edge with employer branding, attract the best candidates, and find excellent employees to help elevate their businesses.