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Recruitment process outsourcing solutions that meet the needs of your business

Recruit. Better. Now.

Hire Better Talent Faster

True RPO is a leading recruitment process outsourcing company based in Toronto with a global presence. We provide subscription-based RPO solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your business. Our monthly fixed price model allows you to scale your recruitment efforts without breaking the bank. No overhead, no exorbitant pay-per-hire fees – just the best talent sourced, screened, and hired so you can focus on your core business.

We Help These Businesses Hire Better

    How We Work

    We provide bundled recruitment process outsourcing solutions at a fixed price to help you grow. This is typically more effective than hiring an external agency or building an internal recruitment department. As you scale, it allows you to manage costs and focus on your core business while significantly improving your competitive advantage.

    Fixed Price Subscription

    End-to-end recruiting services for a flat monthly rate

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Get the benefits of all the latest recruitment tools at no extra cost

    Dedicated Specialists

    Specialists focused on each step of the recruitment process

    Transparent Reporting

    See the impact of recruiting efforts and build better forecasts for your business


      End-to-End Recruiting

      We are a full-service RPO firm that handles the entire recruitment process. From sourcing candidates, to posting jobs, screening resumes, and placing candidates, we focus on getting you the best talent.

      Candidate Sourcing

      We leverage cutting edge recruiting tools and dedicated candidate sourcing experts to source quality candidates for your roles, build and maintain a talent pipeline, and help reduce the time it takes to fill positions.

      Job Posting & Resume Screening

      As part of our full service recruitment process outsourcing services we research where to post, manage and monitor your postings, and screen incoming responses based on a set criteria.

      Social Media Marketing

      From platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to career marketplaces like Glassdoor and Indeed, we help your company build, and optimize social media marketing strategies to give you an edge over your competitors.

      Employer Brand Building

      How do people perceive you as an employer? Why should they work for you? We help build your employer brand to elevate your company and show candidates why they should choose your organization.


        We operate differently than other recruiting and RPO companies. The market is evolving and competition for talent is high, so you have to be strategic to get results from your recruiting efforts. We’re constantly working with our customers to challenge the “status quo”, to believe that there is a better way now to find the right talent. We will generate ideas with our clients to help drive talent. Most of our ideas work, some do not. But we’re willing to take bold risks to help our clients stand out from the crowd! We have teams of specialists that are focused on finding talent for our clients 24X7. The war for talent is on. Are you ready?



        About TrueRPO

        TrueRPO is a leading RPO firm in the Greater Toronto Area. We help businesses recruit better talent and build their employer brand, while streamlining their recruiting efforts.

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